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I've ed this website for some advice really particularly from other women, as I'm at the point where I'm about to agree to become a HotWife. Virtually every time we have sex I talk dirty to him about this fantasy I think when I finally realised he is dying for me to do it - I started seriously thinking about whether I could or not. The thing is I'm really excited - but also very nervous. My hubby keeps saying when we discuss it that once we've done it the 1st time, he's sure i'll get confident 7 all nerves will disappear.

I know I'd enjoy having some fun with another guy with hubby's permission, and in truth I think about it during the day maybe more than he thinks I do. I guess it's just me lacking confidence a bit. Hi, I'm not a women but I'm sure you will get in just fine! Being a size is very nice indeed, there is no need to get fit as if the men dint like that tell them to jog on! Maybe you should do a social meeting someone for a drink with no intention if going any further and see how you feel about chatting and flirting with another guy but make it clear to him that it's going no further for the time being!

This will also gauge how your hubby feels about it as it maybe good in fantasy for him but in reality he might not like it when your attention is not in him! Hope I may of helped in some way or I may of said what you already thought of, but sit back and enjoy yourself.

Again not a wife but I am an experienced member of this site and talked to plenty of couples and wives over the last several years. I think the fact you've taken the time to initially bring it into your sex life and allow you both your hot wife forum understand that it's something that turns you both on is very important.

It's obviously shown you that this isn't just a ploy by your hubby but a true craving he has for you. And that's the key he wants this for not himself but for you also. The advice I would give you is to plan a meeting with someone with no connection to you both that's a social with the ability to go into more if you feel comfortable. Ensure you pick a Man with experience of meeting couples who is genuine, trust worthy and a gentleman. Yes I agree Stardly that we have taken our time to get to this point - i'm confident my other half would book it up tomorrow if I let him, so the thought he would not enjoy it in reality is honestly not a concern for me.

It's just really building up the courage to say ''Let's book it up'' and arrange a hotel etc. Welcome MaybeHotwife and good luck with your adventures. Great advice from Stardly and Hemhubby, obviously you're also on a hook up site as well, I would advise you to be specific on your requirements on there. Be prepared to be messed around as we were, repeatedly. Remember this is for fun, enjoy the journey but try your hot wife forum do it on your terms so you're both happy with the outcome. All the best. Got a lovely hotel booked, and the plan is to meet him in the hotel bar early Evening so we can all have a few drinks and let some barriers down.

Hubby is then going to go to the room to leave us in the bar to get to know each other without him there I'm very nervous but excited Hubby is beyond excited! Every time we discuss it he's hard immediately! He has a suggestion that after the first session, he's going to leave us together in the room for round 2 while he fetches us all another drink One thing I would say is there is no need to jump in with both feet, dinner and a chat is really the best way to start of.

As long as all understand the rules for the evening then it can be a lot less your hot wife forum that feeling like you need to go through with the date ending in the bedroom. Getting to know the person is as important as anything else, in this way when it comes down to the sexual side of things to can lie back and enjoy the trip. When the guy turned up quite late I just didn't fancy him, he really didn't look anything like he did in his pics. We all had a few drinks together but he was not very friendly to say the least, when I declined to proceed any further.

I kept an open mind, but the moment he thought it wasn't going to happen he became very unfriendly. In all honesty this put me off a bit, and my Hubby was extremely disappointed. We both felt deflated for a few Months, but are now back to talking dirty during sex. We would both like to arrange to meet someone, but am concerned we could get let down again.

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There are no nice looking clubs your hot wife forum us - they all look grotty - there is a nice looking place but its in the Midlands which is 3. So as much as I would love to go into intimate details of a sex filled evening, it just didn't turn out that way!

The great thing about the internet is that it's easy to meet people, the bad thing is that you don't really know them until you meet them. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. By migelma Started Tuesday at AM. By baramados Started Monday at PM. Wife thinking of becoming a 'HotWife' - advice please! Recommended Posts. MaybeHotWife 10 Posted February 4, Posted February 4, Hi, I've ed this website for some advice really particularly from other women, as I'm at the point where I'm about to agree to become a HotWife.

Link to post Share on other sites. Hemhubby 42 Posted February 4, Ensure you pick a Man with experience of meeting couples who is genuine, trust worthy and a gentleman Yes ME ;- Seriously though well done on taking to step and welcome to the site. Tell us more about you Location, age, maybe post some of them pics you mentioned. MaybeHotWife 10 Posted February 5, Posted February 5, Hi guys thanks for replying and your kind words of encouragement!

Lustman Posted February 5, All the best Lustman.

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MaybeHotWife 10 Posted June 15, Posted June 15, Apologies for the long absence I'll let you know how it goes but in all honesty I'm really looking forward to it too!!! Astrid servel 27 Posted August 1, Posted August 1, Remember the first time is really about finding out about each other.

MaybeHotWife 10 Posted August 22, Posted August 22, We arrived at the hotel, despite me being extremely nervous I was nervously excited.

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Enigma63 91 Posted August 26, Posted August 26, Sorry to hear of your misfortune and that he just wasn't right for you in real life. A couple of suggestions for next time hopefully there will be a next time : Try to chat over video e. Costa etc it will take some of the pressure off, and if there's a bit of a spark you can always have a snog outside to test the water.

Register your hot wife forum new. in Already have an ? In Now. Followers 5. Go to topic listing. Cyber Bull looking to share your hotwife Young semi experienced bull, located in southeast us, looking for a couple to share pics and sext unless close by. New hotwife couple New hotwife couple looking to have fun with an experienced bull. Hotwife North West Looking for genuine bulls that guarantee Hotwife cums. Prefer girthy cocks and bareback so hubby can clean up after. Looking For Advice Just looking for advice for prostate milking and strapon play.

Our scenario is as follows: Hubby is home but you will not see him or know he is there but as such we will video our session and also do some close ups with my mobile phone. He is home for my safety only.

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We are based near Bournemouth and the sex would take place at our home. Please do not contact me expecting me to come to you or not video. Young bull looking to pleasure older women Young bull looking to pleasure older women. Just ed so…. Latest Topics. Cyber Bull looking to share your hotwife. Bulgarian men with experience. Hi evertone,heres a new cuck. Bull in MI looking for wife or couple. Cotswolds and Warwickshire Bull here. Looking for people in Shanghai, China.

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