Where are kik pictures stored

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Do you need to save Kik pictures?

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If you are unable to find the solution, read the guide and get your favorite Kik pictures stored step by step. Even so, the app has more than a hundred million installs and millions of daily users. The app offers a set of features that is standard for messaging apps that enable you to send and receive texts, gifs, photos, or videos. You have several options at your disposal if you want to save the photos you received in a Kik conversation.

Step 1.

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Launch the Kik app and open the conversation in which the photo you want to save is located. Step 2. Find the photo and long-press it.

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Shortly after a prompt will show up on the screen asking you if you want to save that photo. Alternatively, you can tap on the download arrow after releasing the photo. Free Download. Proceed to click on the Back Up Now button, and then confirm which device should be backed up. Step 3. Click on the Back Up Now button located between the Smartphone and the laptop icons. The software will show you the list of all the apps on your phone, so you just have to scroll down until you see the Kik app. Step 4. Wait until the backup process is completed and head over to the deated folder to which the media files were stored.

Product-related questions? Joy Taylor Last Updated: Apr. How to Save Kik Pictures.

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Launch Kik App on Your Phone. Long Press the Photo to Save It. App Backup Overview. Connect iPhone to the Computer. Back up the App to Computer. Joy Taylor.

Where are kik pictures stored

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Where do Kik pictures save?