Tights fetish

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But isn't staring at someone's legs for over an hour a fetish? You mentioned feet, surely the same applies with tights as if someone did have a foot fetish they would try to steal glances at someone's foot as much as possible.

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For me personally, it would be slouch socks over top of tights. Just the look, nothing creepier than that. So do tights fetish like these? Poppykate oh yes I do. Poppykate you wear them? Poppykate mmmm sexy. Tilling Xper 2. My friend and I were discussing fetishes as you do and she said the most common one for guys is having a fetish for women wearing tights and nylons.

She told me about times she had been talking with guys, in person and online who would try to steer the conversation towards the tights she was wearing or her opinion on tights. I have to say I do notice guys looking at my legs more when I am wearing tights, with some staring for a while when on buses and trains.

This doesn't usually happen in jeans or with bare legs. Is it a widespread thing then or just a few people? Share Facebook. How tights fetish is the tights fetish? Add Opinion. Yes, it's common, but I wouldn't really call it a fetish. Unless of course the guys are turned on by the tights themselves rather than the legs they're shaped around, which would be really weird. Tights - especially those with patterns - give an additional visual dimension of shape, sorta like a wireframe, enhancing the visual appeal of legs.

And since guys are visual, anything that enhances the visual experience will be popular. I like female legs whether they're in jeans, tights, nylons, or whatever, but naked legs are definitely the hottest in my opinion. Xper 7. Not a fetish. Coz it just shows the body figure that's why. Just like body it clothes dry fit they show her boobs and back curves well. Fetish u can say like glasses or feet. RJGraveyTrain Master. I don't think it's necessarily a fetish as it is an easy way to see a full view of a woman's bottom half other than her being naked. Tights just fit nice man. MlleCake 8.

I am not sure if I would say most.

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Foot, leg, footwear and hosiery fetishes are pretty common as fetishes go, but most people don't have fetishes. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Does anyone else find bare legs sexier than stockings or leggings or pantyhose or tights or tights fetish Do you think it's common for bikers and runners who wear tights and lycra to develop fetish after time for those cloths?

Are many guys turned on by yoga pants? Sort Girls First Guys First. I'm a man who has this fetish and I would say that I have got it really bad. I have stolen so many pairs of women's tights and just cannot see any end to it. I know that it is completely wrong but I just cannot stop myself doing it.

Other than me stealing women's tights I tights fetish pretty normal but my obsession with tights has taken over my life!!! John83 7. I think a woman's legs look really sexy in tights or stockings, so they're a huge turn on for me. I've asked my girlfriend to wear them on dates before. GiventoFly01 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 6. For me, it would be slouch socks over the tights.

Just always had a thing for that look. Nothing really creepier than that. Well they are very close to the temple of your existence, the pussy so I often find myself to stare at women thights and fatansise about bitting them kissing them and licking them I thought I am broken but it seems that I am not.

I have yet to meet a guy who doesn't like a girl in tights, leggings, or jeggings. You are showing off your butt to everyone and they are going to look at it. AleDeEurope Master. I love tights on girls, but would I call it a fetish? I don't think so. It's pretty widespread.

I love a shapely pair of legs in sheer tights. WalterBlack opinions shared on Sexuality topic. If you include leggings and yoga pants, I'd say it is a very common fetish. I wouldn't call it a fetish it's just that a girl with a pretty face and ass look amazing when she's wearing it because it just shows her figure. That's not a fact about it being "the most common one for guys", but it is common.

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That's one of the biggest turn one for me as well, so maybe it's pretty common. Well, since with nude the butt would still be covered, I guess I do understand why guys might have a fetish for that. Mr-Kabuki opinions shared on Sexuality topic. It's pretty common. It's usually really good with tights fetish lingerie stockings.

I wouldn't say its the most common but yes lots of guys are into that. Dreamborn Xper 4. I'm not sure. I guess it's something interesting to them because it's a fabric only women wear. 8K opinions shared on Sexuality topic. I consider that very common as well. Decentguy Master. Dantheman 3.

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Show All Show Less. Yes I do. Nude ones with a black pinstripe. Tezz Xper 3. Related myTakes. Women should not worry about breast size. Why understanding the bible is sometimes so difficult. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Tights fetish

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