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Often sexting is brushed off as harmless, or even considered a fun, normal way to flirt and explore a new relationship. Considering the potential risks of images being forwarded or posted online, it may seem shocking that teens are still up for it. As we will see, there are a of different pressures teenage boys and girls face when it comes to sexting. Boy sends a text asking for a pic.

Girl is hesitant.

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Or maybe she attempts to get around the request. When refused, the boy gets upset.

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He continues to ask. She complies. According to a report from Northwestern University analyzing stories young women posted online, they do not have the tools to navigate this type of challenge. Many girls reported that the latter resulted in social isolation and bullying. Girls have a more negative attitude toward sexting and experience more negative social pressure to sext than boys do. As with girls, boys likely also receive the message from adults that they should refrain from sexting. They also receive pressure from their male peers to sext, but obviously in a different way.

Megan Maas from Michigan State University wrote:. This poses an issue because it sets up a type of marketplace, where the boys are the consumers and the girls are the products to be consumed. And yes, sometimes boys are teens male naked, but hetero girls are often not into dick pics. Instead of boys learning about respect and the boundaries of consent, some seem to be taking cues from porn. Girls will eventually give in to their requests and they will be rewarded with bragging rights.

Building off of the marketplace metaphor, these images operate as a type of currency. Nude pics are becoming like the new trading cards. What is a girl to do?

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On the other side, sexting culture confirms to boys that a girl is a sexual object for their pleasure. It opens the marketplace at an early age for boys to buy, sell, or trade instead of learning about respect and boundaries of consent. Fight the New Drug, Inc. Learn More. StopTheDemand for exploitation.

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Teens male naked

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