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Instagram hosts countless s filled with sexualised images of kids, many under the guise of 'child models' promoting dancewear and swimwear. There are girls standing, hip to the side, pulling on bikini bottoms.

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Others are posed with arched backs and spread legs. Backsides to camera, arms overhead. Girls look wistfully back at the camera, lips parted.

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Side-shots capture girls with backsides pushed out. Kids don't naturally strike these poses. Adults put them up to it. And we know how these poses keep women and girls in their placefor example, by portraying them as submissive or positioned for sex. In Collective Shout ran a series of posts and a campaign against a dancewear company and stockists that in our opinion posed and styled girls for male paedophiliac fantasies. The company's s had become a magnet for paedophiles, until we exposed this. Unfortunately, the practice continues. Posts of young girls in bikinis are hashtagged girl, young, beautifulteen, teenager, teengirl, teenmodel, teenbody, bedroom.

They attract a lot of attention, predominantly from s that look like they're owned by men. It appears that many men like to look at, like and comment on young girls and teens in bikinis. In one post, a US-based school-aged model straddles an arcade motorbike. It's captioned, 'Lets take a ride. Girls model bikinis in adult poses. A year-old girl from Hungary models swimwear. One image is captioned "Heat", with a fire emoji. To male followers, the girls are sex objects. They comment on asses and legs, size and shape, tightness.

Milky, white skin. Comments come from around the world. Talk about what pops up? Hashtags sugarbabygirl daddysgirl. He has 17 posts. Most are of little girls in dancewear or bikinis. One looks about 4. We know images are easily captured for use in paedophile forums.

Cyber Safety expert, Susan McLean, recently reminded us of this after a woman found her son's photos on an Instagram filled with images of semi-clad children. I report some s and comments. Instagram reports back that no community guidelines have been breached. In the world of Instagram fetish, apparently, children are fair game. I report them to the Australia E-Safety Office. The activity does not appear to be illegal, so the content will not be investigated. A year-old Sydney based model.

Fire, kiss lips and tongue emojis. Another hosts a photo of a young girl, no more than 10 years old. No name. I stumble across yet another devoted to prepubescent bikini models. One girl is posing on the beach. It looks cold and uncomfortable. The men like it. When it comes to child and teen bikini modelling, a Brazilian swimwear brand brings in the big-shots. One is a year-old US-based swimwear model. At the time of writing, she had k Instagram followers on her mainand another 32k on a backup.

Sexy teen instagram watch one of her video posts filmed on sexy teen instagram beach. There are front shots, shots from behind. These are just a couple of comments from the men who follow child swimwear models. She's in the pool.

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The video switches to slo-mo as she flicks her hair back. I sexy teen instagram on his Instagram. In uniform. A doctor? Someone with access to kids? Eventually, Instagram blocks comments. Her Instagram s promote subscriptions to her Patreon. Patreon reviews for the appear to be almost entirely from males. They all seem happy with what they get as T25 subscribers. I subscribe. At once, my inbox is filled with Patreon messages:. She looks good in all of them.

I was patron Who are the others? I scroll through the posts. In one, patrons share personal information. Every comment looks to be from a man. One is hoping to go to law school. The patrons hail from various places in the US. From England and Aruba. Mum runs the. And who are all these men? They are paying for exclusive bikini shots of a year-old girl. Her attention. Her replies. They comment on her body parts. In a latter post one man asks, could the girl possibly model some lingerie. They appear to be the very kind of men children are warned to stay away from - in real and virtual life.

Yet here on Patreon, the behaviour - and the men - are the norm.

Sexy teen instagram

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