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The 'dick pic' is a linguistic gesture that almost always carries the wrong message; the man may mean seduction, but the receiver interprets it as confusion what the heck is this! And for the latter, the experience is often jarring. And one woman has declared war on men who send unsolicited dick pics on social media, where she's trying to turn them into NFT art to sell them.

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This process allows you to create a permanent record on the blockchain ledger of that dick pic with the name of the sender attached as the artist. The website, which went live on March 24, was made by Zoe Scaman, creative strategist and founder of Bodacious, with a little help from a duo by the name of Very Serious, Input Mag reported. Specifically, three in four millennial women said they've been sent pictures of men's genitalia without their consent.

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So, what do you do with it? NFT, or non-fungible token is a digital ature authenticated by blockchain that certifies the ownership and originality of items. And people are going gaga over it.

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You get the drift! Just a thought?

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I've been sent an unsolicited photo of a penis. How do I respond?