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Are there any good nudist chat rooms these days? Maybe on IRC? I'm thinking of starting one…. I've seen this question come up before but frankly I don't believe there just isn't a demand for nudistchat messaging in the nudist community. I think this is because, as nudists, we prefer to be conversing outdoors with human beings instead of behind a monitor.

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The community seems to prefer reading about something worthwhile and then acting on it afterward. As others have brought up If you're up to the challenge to start a chatroom, I think you could make a bigger impact by creating a website to encourage more nude recreation IRC isn'd dead. It's nudistchat not as big as it used to be.

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There are still some networks with decent activity on them — for example, Snoonet, which is unofficially Reddit on IRC. You say nudists generally prefer conversing in-person, in nature? Maybe, but for reasons of geography and weather and finances, this often isn't an option. If I'm bored I can pull out a smartphone and nudistchat chat room in seconds, from anywhere. As for my efforts being better spent on a static web promoting nudism: there are already quite a few of those out there.

Besides, my goal here is to have a real-time virtual hangout with like-minded people; a web doesn't accomplish that at all. There's already a 'nudism' room on the Undernet Server but it's pretty quiet with a spattering of perverts. Online chats always go this way - very quiet, then builds momentum, then the perverts. Can you think of a way to screen perverts? Otherwise, where would it be hosted? Honest questions. I'm not sure what a pervert would get out of a text-based chat. A few attentive operators can throw out nudistchat jerks.

Skype calls are mostly what I'd imagine as the safest option but those are risky for most people. So, no good option. Skype can be fun. Like simulating hanging out with a friend nude and having a beer if you can't meet up in nudistchat.

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There are two fairly active nudist chat rooms Of the two, NCH is more genteel. TN tends to have more activity, but turns pervy at times. Maybe this is a matter of basic personality. I'm kind of addicted to discussion boards, nudistchat naturism or various other topics, but I've got no interest in live chat of any kind. Somehow the idea of leaving a message and coming back later to see what replies there are appeals to me, but maybe the idea that people are waiting holding their breath, sure for me to reply right now seems intimidating.

Or something. So, set this up if you want, but I most likely won't. I miss Yahoo chat rooms. Yeah the nudist rooms attracted some pervs but pretty easy to screen them out and I liked hanging out nude with someone I could see was really a nudist. I go to truenudists and chat quite freequently, there seems to be alot nudistchat people there.

I think the problem is more that people tend not to have enough time to chat on a regular consistent basis enough with one other to get a report going. I wish there was.

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Sometimes you just want to chat with friends I tried TN truenudists a few times. The chat roomwhile not perfectis prob the best there is at the moment. You have to weed out the pervs and fakers, but it's possible to meet some decent folks. Online nudist chat room? Sort by: best. LGBT Nudist. Continue this thread. Former IYNA mod. I tried TN and nudistchat got pervy almost immediately. Btw nice to meet you all!

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