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Meagan Tyler does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. So what exactly is this pernicious problem that the mainstream media have just discovered? The accepted wisdom in much of the general commentary regarding these sites is that they aim to disgrace women who are openly hetero sexually active.

One Change. But even a cursory examination of the sites shows a more complex picture.

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These can range from something as innocuous as a profile picture that shows cleavage, to the public posting of detailed messages about the great sex you had last night. Whatever the content, it is practically guaranteed that the comments will be heavy on misogyny. And this is the real point. These s do not singly aim to embarrass or harass women seen as publicly promiscuous. They just aim to demean women. It contains several pictures of women who have simply dared to be in public and weigh over 50kg at the same time. As Leora Tanenbaum explains in her oft-quoted Slut!

Growing up female with a bad reputation :. Often the label has nothing to do with sex - the girls simply do not nasty slutty girls in. The anxiety about slut shaming therefore tends to miss the point. It helps to generate attention because rallying against slut shaming sounds like a lot more fun than trying to end systemic sexism and inequality in heterosexual relationships. The growing media obsession with sluts can actually be understood as quite pernicious.

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As feminist blogger Meghan Murphy recently explained :. Us vs them. It is perhaps most accurate then to see slut shaming as the electronic equivalent of street harassment. It has nothing to do with how they dress or if they really do have sex with multiple partners on a daily basis. The phenomenon now known as slut shaming is a red herring. The trend is just a continuation of the wider cultural problem of bullying and intimidating women. What these s capture publicly, for all of us to see, is a snapshot of only a few kinds of vilification that women commonly experience.

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Nasty slutty girls

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