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News forums. Entertainment forums. Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Health Sexual health. Confused about Clearing? Go to first unread. Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 3 years ago 1. I'm addicted to masturbating. I sometimes do it to porn but can go without. I do it about 3 times a day and my orgasms are getting less intense each time as I'm doing it so much.

I'm horny at least 10 times a day. If I'm watching porn I want it off and feel ashamed as soon as I reach climax. If not I let it last however every time I find myself wanting more about 3 hours or so later. Not what you're looking for? Anonymous 2.

Report 3 years ago 2. Honestly, I feel you, I just end up rolling with it I have to masturbate at least twice a day I'm not sure there's much you can do if you're that addicted to it tbh, I find it really hard not to and if I think about it i'll end up in horrible situations where I'm getting wet at work or something and you don't really wanna do that right?

If your orgasms are getting less and less inviting, you might just want to experiment more, or with different things There's probably some anti-masturbation techniques online you could google - personally i think being around people as much as possible could work - or even masterbating forum and animals - put photos of your family everywhere etc. Realitysreflexx Badges: Report 3 years ago 3. JaseyB Badges: Report 3 years ago 4.

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I think a lot of people have a stage of going through this, just roll with it for now you won't do any lasting damage and I am sure in time your urges will calm down. Report 3 years ago 5. Original post by Anonymous I'm addicted to masturbating. JTfoxlove Badges: Report 3 years ago 6. I think masterbating is great.

Shame is not. You've got no reason to be ashamed - why are you ashamed? I think your problem is porn and not masterbating. I also think porn is addictive if not physiologically, psychologically. Feeling shame after orgasming is a known phenomenon, as is closing down all your browser windows and switching off the internet saying 'never again'. Shame particularly around sex and identity can be very destructive. Forgive yourself, come up with a plan and do your best to improve.

It won't happen over night - you will have relapses - small improvements are massive improvements. This said work on self-improvment, some sites will try to shame you or tell you that by doing something as human as masterbating you're upsetting an omnipotent all powerful being - tosh.

My god is one of love who gave me my humanity to be kind to others, a brain to think freely with and a body to have brilliant orgasams. Anonymous 3. Report 3 years ago 7. Report 3 years ago 8. Original post by JTfoxlove I also think porn is addictive if masterbating forum physiologically, psychologically.

Report 3 years ago 9. Original post by unprinted There is certainly an industry that says so, but the evidence really isn't there. As you say, a sex negative agenda almost always is. Huge 70 Badges: 2. Report 3 years ago Sticky fingers all round its a natural thing for men or women to do so masterbating forum with the flow. Anonymous 4. Report 2 years ago Never be ashamed of something natural masterbating its a part of life we all do the the has done it your doing it a little bit more than others have a word with ur GP so he can sort the right help for you at the end of the day you have abit of addiction seek help before it gets out of hand but don't feel ashamed hope things get better for you keep posted if u want im a gud listener.

Nikei26 Badges: 1. I have a similar story. I also love porn.! Just do what makes you feel good. It just feels so damn good. You can always talk to me. Message me. Timberkitty12 Badges: 1. Masterbating forum used to 3 times a day for a couple hours at a time. Got my pussy sore obviously lol more than sex would tbh. Beelzeneff Badges: 1. Report 1 year ago I am highly addicted to masturbating female btw I have 5 to 8 orgasms a day the most I had was 13 orgasms.

I get horny anytime anywhere in my classes, when im eating, when I'm watching a movie etc. Why stop?

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I have missed out on movie nights because 15 min into the movie I get horny, and go upstairs to masturbate.

Masterbating forum

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