Make him your bitch

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Says I can't PM you because your profile is kinda closed off to direct messages from other s. Still the same. Says u need to follow me in order to accept any messages to inbox. Also collarspace. Attending an event is a good way for kinky people to meet others with similar interests. Kinky women, dominant or submissive, are in huge demand, but there are a lot of guys who think they are dominant but they are just abusers.

You might attend a "munch" in your area. Btw: if you really want to understand BDSM, not 50 Shades of Bullshit, you will find out the Subs are respected more as strong, and having more courage than Doms, who are there to assist them. That sucks. Not the kinda thing a guy with a small weiner would wanna hear even from a total stranger in anonymous. Better to just date a real man. Yep, tie him up and execute them one at a time make him your bitch in front of him. He'll cry for sure. Why do you want to emasculate him? You'll break him and he'll hate you for it.

But, I see that you're a "crazy girl" so go ahead and go crazy, I guess. I'm the submissive type but if someone is making my life hell I'd leave in a heartbeat. Why not become the abuser in an abusive relationship? You are a cunt my dear, I hope your tits get ripped off by cancer. Crazygurl23 Xper 1.

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I know this weird but i am a dominate girl by nature and love being the boss easpeacially in my relationship. Share Facebook. How can I Emasculate my boyfriend and make him my bitch? Add Opinion. I actually had a dominant women once and sadly that was the longest relationship I was actually in. The domination started with penis size and making me feel insecure about it but also she showed s of love and care. So this made me want her more bcoz of the loving and caring side but also made me submissive and castrated at mind whenever she made fun of my pee pee with her close friends or before them.

She manages to keep me away from sex all these three years years and used to tease me with just pics. U can even find her pic on my profile.

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I can't your anonymous dm me. Show All Show Less. Which post? I am cosanostrakosa. Am following u already. Sort of defeats the point in being anonymous if you then post you name. Your boyfriend may not be into this, but there are lots of guys who crave this sort of domination, so if this is your thing you can advertise on collarspace.

There are books on this, for example www. Is there a websites for submissive women. Also any sex writing by Violet Blue would be worth your while.

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Search for another guy who actually liked to be submissive. I'm pretty sure that if a dominant masculine guy is in front of you, you'd be on your knees not that way. It's biological. SweetHomicidalQueen opinions shared on Relationships topic. Up Now!

Related Questions. Show All. My girlfriend is a rich sex-worker. Does me feeling repulsed by it make me sexist? Boyfriend is being distant after losing his job. Ladies, you say you want a man. Make an effort yo make him feel like one. How stupid girls start fights and incite jealousy in emasculated men? Sort Girls First Guys First. Cobra89 Xper 1. You have no right to undermine someone else's self-esteem. That's something that's going to mess him up and make him afraid to live his life. If he wants to feel like an equal in the relationship then you should break up.

Anything else would be selfish. Kreneman opinions shared on Relationships topic. Xper 7. Actually although you may be dominate but that is not in the women's, blood by nature it's in the man blood even if the make him your bitch doesn't use it. Unless he is allowing you to run him, you can emasculated him especially if he is dominate man or a strong man. Xper 6. First choses the right target; weak, impressionable, dependent type. Make him pussy whipped and dependant on you. Make him trust your opinion. Make more money than him. Remind him that you have better options.

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Dictate his life decisions. Ask him to be at home, dont allow him to work and take care of all his expenses, utility bills, pay his credit card bills, in addition to it pay him pocket money. You gotta find your Hal in life pixel.

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What do you mean. Tie him up standing up - put little clips on his ball sac and nipples. Blind fold him. Cammy opinions shared on Relationships topic. If you're dominant by nature, why do you need people to tell you how to do it?

Bjorn Xper 7. Best question ever. Watch porn with him and keep telling him how you wish he had a big dick too. And more ouch!! U just castrated me with Ur words. Yes you've got multiple profiles I know. Leo Xper 6. I would love it if my girlfriend would be a bit more dominant. But only on the sexy way lol. Else I would tell her to shut up :D. SketchForger Yoda. Shoot his parents right in front of him, that'll make him scared. GreedyGiver opinions shared on Relationships topic. Well first thing would be consent. Gotta find out if he is Dom or Sub first. Schnitzel Xper 5.

I would smack the shit out of you if you tried. MasterAdvice Xper 6.

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Don't always agree with him, you take the lead. DanOh Yoda. Make him marry you? Mikester Xper 7. Give him a chastity device to wear. Cody01 opinions shared on Relationships topic. Pay him thousands a month so he relies on you. Have sex with someone else and make him want you. Wow 21st century an era of the "Cavewomen" xD. DarthGameRuler Xper 4. Related myTakes. My Unemployment Nightmare. I know plenty of Men Player Version. Bible Facts that Help me forgive others. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

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Make him your bitch

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