How to use kik for sex

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Talking with strangers was a fascinating thing for me. However, there was this thing I did not understand. Many a time, right after we confirmed the ASL, I would get a response from the person on the other side, and the chat would just disconnect after that. I could not understand what the hell that was. As per this article, I aim at explaining how KiK, a messenger app, is being used by models to sell their services strategically and make real good money. Models have their private life too. While on work, no model wishes to reveal her identity or any personal information to the clients.

As per the modern messenger apps are concerned, they ask for contact s and other identifiable information for ing up.

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So there is always a risk for identity reveal. While some sophisticated apps like Snapchat offer good privacy features, they ask for higher subscription costs which are not handy for many models. Its optional features make it perfect for doing business in a secure and private environment. For example. Kik is an overwhelming messenger app that has gained enormous popularity among the adult models. Though there are features to make conversations intimate, it is still difficult to make money on Kik messenger directly.

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As per the easiest methods are concerned, you can use the following four methods to monetize and make money with Kik messenger online. There are three major limitations of using Kik to make money from sexting business. In fact, these three limitations encouraged us to develop the xChat solution that we will see in the later part of this article. Would you like. XChat is an outcome of years of observations, research and inputs from the industry veterans.

By business, I do not mean sexting with the individuals. With this, you can become an entrepreneur in the adult industry and launch a sexting app that adult industry professionals and other models will use to sex-chat and make money. The turnkey solution is a complete suite of mobile apps for users and a web-based dynamic control panel for the Admin app owner. Owning an app built on xChat is same as owning the Kik app itself, but unlike Kik, this app will especially be for sexting and making money.

Let models -up and create their usernames, and set-up their model profile. Let individual users -up, buy tokens, and spend it on sexting with the models. You can make payouts to the models using redemption dashboard and integrated admin-to-models PayPal payout system. Admin commission will be deducted as per rates setup by you. Monetization channel is pay-per-message. You can create custom token packages to let users buy tokens and use them for sexting with the models. No token deduction if users send a message to the models. Deduction only when the model replies back.

Saves the depletion of tokens if models do not reply to the users. You can also set-up custom commission rates on every token earned by the models from the users. You can set how to use kik for sex or different commission rates for different models. Offer free tokens to the users on their first -up. Once they are hooked up with a model, they will want to buy more token packages to continue chatting. When you can offer a perfect alternative of Kik with all its limitations eliminated, at least the models who depend on Kik messenger online would love your app too.

Not just that, models who have been depending on other social media selling SnapChat, Instagram, and WhatsApp to make money would not mind an app which can replace them all. Unlike general messaging app, xChat offers a more intuitive and easy for a sexting activity. Moreover, the app also inherits the exceptional features from these general messengers too. Features like, live typing, clean layout, integrated payments, Password-freeearning reports, and easy cash out make this app a perfect combination of sexting and popular texting apps.

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Features like suggestion to the Kik users in your phone contacts etc. Moreover, both models and users can block profiles manually if they wish to do so. The experts who have worked for popular names requiring impenetrable privacy controls created the app. So yes! Finally we say that models would love it.

But they did not build them for the kind of privacy, and monetization channels models need for making money sexting with other users. These apps are just the temporary arrangements made by models who use third-party monetization channels to make money. However, there always will be a fear of getting banned and losing the database and money you have made so far. The ultimate solution for this problem will offer the models with an app that is not only made for sexting but also allows personalized and integrated monetization channels to make money.

Become an entrepreneur in this unexplored niche by adopting a trend used by models to make money with Kik messenger online and other sources. Posted by adentio99 on February 7, Featured. Table of Contents 1 How Kik is perfect for sexting business? Tags: Kik Appkik messenger onlinekik upkik up online. Step by Step Blueprint Learn the secrets of running a successful adult business.

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How to use kik for sex

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