Hair salon fetish

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I got my first haircut by Miria.

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She has been cutting, colouring and styling my hair for 22 years and I have loved it every time. I constantly get compliments on my hair. All of her clients have spoken so highly of her and are family, lifetime clients that trust her with reflecting their personalities and style through their hair expression. She is my hair salon fetish. She kicks ass. Go see her! Absolutely LOVE the consistency and style that my hairstylist Miria provides for me over 25 years now every month.

She does an incredible job in cutting, styling and colouring my hair. She is simply the best and the staff are super friendly. Thanks so much Miria. I have been seeing Carla for over 15 years. She has never let me down, in fact she is gone above and beyond so many times I have lost count. I have never once been disappointed, in fact, I have had some amazing hairdos and am constantly complimented on the colour and styles.

Carla is a very professional and extremely gifted at what she does.

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I cannot recommend her more highly — You will love her and her work too! You never know when your luck is going to change! My hairdressing luck changed about 16 years ago when I met Carla at Pink Lime after buying a haircut certificate at a silent auction. Carla has been styling my hair ever since with exception for when she was on maternity leave.

Carla is extremely creative and is always excited to experiment with new styles. My family and friends are always complimenting me on my haircuts and naturally I would refer them to Carla. Services We are committed to creating the perfect style. During this appointment you will receive a detailed consultation, to address your individual needs.

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Our stylists will recommend a style that may best suit you. for our full list of services. Our colorist will custom de a formula that will compliment your natural color or create an entire new look. We complete your look with a professional blowout and finishing style.

For the men, a professional yet playful look. Thanks so much Miria Doris. Contact Fetish Question? Get In Touch Your Message.

Hair salon fetish

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