G na boobs

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Pann : The top two of singers' boobs. It doesn't make sense that she's famous for her boobs She even lost weight this time but they're much bigger now. I think she used p, surgery, or some other work 3. NA's breasts are considered big but Hyosung NA got a surgery to make hers smaller because she wasn't comfortable with them.

Why compare them together? NA got a surgery to make her breasts smaller 6. NA wears Hyosung's clothes, then her breasts will look bigger 7. NA's breasts are natural and Hyosung's are p 8.

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I used to like her with her Secret image and because she didn't wear much revealing clothes. But with her solo promotion, she kept trying to look sexy and her choreography only emphasized her boobs Did she get work done or what? Her smile used to be cute but the image is gone. Wow the battle of epic proportion.

Hyosung either got a boob job or she's wearing an extremely padded bra plus socks because damn that big ass difference. I didn't know Gna got surgery to make her boobs smaller?

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I'm not sure if G. NA really got a breast reduction but alot of the times, it's concealed, covered and tied during her performances but out there for photo-shoots. Really annoy me when women got breast reduction or lose weight and people are like it's a shame I love your old huge boobies omg or you shouldn't diet so your boobs stay big If it makes her more comfortable then good for her.

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I've never noticed G. Na's breasts before. SeoEunha 3, Posted August 14, Crush is not amused.

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NiceJoy Posted August 14, Wow the battle of epic proportion hyosung. Ethnic Pop 3, Posted August 14, I didn't know G. Na got a breast reduction O:. Grape Soda 12, Posted August 14, JessicaRabbit 6, Posted August 14, Kazuma Kiryu 1, Posted August 14, SunnyHill's Comeback 2, Posted August 14, God Bless.

A shame really. Wow hyosung's look huuuuuuuge. Yeah Hyosungs did look especially massive for hte solo If G. Na wanted a breast reduction and got it, then good for her.

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G na boobs

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Pann: The top two of singers’ boobs