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Their virgin mistress, p. Their Virgin Mistress, p. Lots of practice these days, I suppose. Remember when you broke the play set Mom bought us, and she had to glue it back together? Dane made certain of that when we bought the flat. The only way in is through a private elevator, and any intruder would still have to pass multiple guard stations. I hope you can be discreet, Tanner. Tori pressed a hand over her mouth to smother her laugh. She had three gorgeous husbands and two precious free online mistress. In Bezakistan, the practice of brothers sharing a wife was both ancient and common—very unlike the West where primogeniture, which meant the first-born son inherited all the wealth and land, had been the norm.

But Bezakistani nationals preferred to honor all their sons, keeping the riches within the whole family through the practice of polyandry. The world seemed utterly fascinated by the queen and her three sheikhs. I heard Alea had another baby. I might try one more time, but then my womb is closed for business. Two boys is enough.

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Three would be more than any woman should have to handle and keep her sanity. The eldest of the three British brothers she worked for was a golden god of a man in a perfectly pressed three-piece suit. He did his best to maintain a wide distance and make others believe he was heartless, but over time, Tori had come to know him—the employer, the brother, the friend.

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The only trouble was she could say the same for his two brothers, Callum and Rory. Athletic and model-gorgeous, Callum could be funny and surprisingly sweet. According to rumor, he was magnificent in bed. She reminded herself of that every single day. So if he did, of course I would turn him down.

Can you stop it? Torrance Glen sounded far more worldly and professional—exactly what she needed to become a competent image consultant. Now stop trying to change the subject. You know I care about Oliver. I think you do, too. I took on this challenge precisely to build myself some professional credibility. Well, not much. Even when I visited him in the hospital afterward, I could tell he was a changed man. As past lovers went, she was kind of the be-all and end-all of badness.

I like Oliver a lot, probably more than I should. But a personal relationship would ruin our professional one. Since Tori had already done some work for the Bezakistani royals, which had led free online mistress to a few high-profile European jobs, Claire had assured Tori that she would be a good fit for the Thurston-Hughes company.

The strange thing is, the quarterly reports are actually on an uptick, but no one wants to hear that. They want to hear about Oliver Thurston-Hughes getting into pub fights. They seem to enjoy focusing on him acting more like a hooligan than a CEO. Apparently, that combination is kryptonite for females. Rory, it seemed, had suddenly embraced his old habits because it looked as if he had a new bedmate.

She shot straight with her clients and saved her tact for the press. Candy coating a situation rarely benefitted the one ing her checks. She was there to make them look better, not feel better.

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She was about eleven feet tall and weighed ninety pounds soaking wet. And those teeth could seriously kill a man. I have no idea what he saw in her, except breasts done by the best surgeon England has to offer. Tori sipped her tea, hoping the cup hid her grimace. God, she needed to keep her mouth shut.

Excuse me, the football god. But Tori gave him credit. Rather than being bitter, Callum treated every new day like a gift to be used to its fullest. It sometimes made him reckless, dangerous. My husbands also have some cousins who would love to meet you. I have to warn you, though.

Had her sister lost her damn mind?

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I would like to keep my ears as virginal as the rest of me. Her friend Brooke had once had a one-night stand. Mom and Dad had a great marriage. Unfortunately, not even that kept her from thinking about the Thurston-Hughes brothers—all three of them. Her chest tightened, as it always did when she thought about her parents.

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Afterward, her father had faded away until a car accident had stolen what had been left of his life. All the time. He knew those ro like the back of his hand. It was easier to deflect this subject with the Thurston-Hughes family. It worked best on Oliver. Every now and then, she still caught him looking at her like a hungry lion. Whenever that happened, she flashed her cubic zirconia rock, and poof, they were merely work associates again. The elder of her two adorable nephews was having his birthday soon, and Tori intended to forget her romantic issues for a while and play auntie.

It was her favorite role. For a moment, Piper looked like she would press the subject, but she finally stirred her tea again and sipped. I hope you can stay for a while.

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The boys miss you. The rage that constantly seethed inside him rose. Usually he preferred strangers, but the former footballer would be a nice change of pace and provide a good challenge besides. Drawing in a steadying breath, Oliver stood and looked out the rain-splattered window over St. What would Albert Thurston-Hughes do if he could see his three sons now? Likely shoot the lot of them and start over. Outside, everything looked peaceful, and he tried to find his calm.

A light drizzle fell.

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Down below, pedestrians hustled about. Women held umbrellas over their prams as they rushed to shelter where their babies would be dry and warm. Oliver gripped the sill. His children would be too old for. Published:

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