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I had some but my wife threw them all out! I know this story! Maybe this thread is bound to die off quickly? Here I am with my German girlfriend that I really loved back then Don't mock me for my crazy shirt please This is a start. Thanks for making the first image posting here. No comments about your shirt! Who will post about an Ex while still happily in a relationship with someone else?

Ex-wives count? I will accomodate such a request here. Go for it. Blowing off steam after a month in Cairo, Raid? Interesting thread, I too thought no one would actually post anything, I guess I'm in the minority when I say I'm a very private guy? I didn't get heavily into photography until I was married.

But I gotta say, this is kind of a creepy idea for a thread. This is my ex moving out of my apartment. We did the shoot as we move her stuff out. We remain friends Of course my ex are related to a long time ago Need to scan first Sayings like that will kill this nice thread.

My Ex GF here. Ex 18 years ago but presently current if that counts. Still miss her now and again. Weird to think it's been 2 years since I took that photo. This thread could be really interesting and constructive if hearts stay in the right place : Sort of Girlfriend mostly lover.

She is still my best friend and favorite model. Old girlfriend at Uni, walking with her new boyfriend. Oh dear She went out with you too? There are other websites for that : ok. Somehow this thread and losing to Denmark tonight Frank, that's a great picture.

No need to be here if you view this thread as being "creepy". It is just a funny thread. I don't know why but I love this one It's lovely; like looking through a window. From a very long time ago Europaplatz in Berlin. That's me with my back to the camera. Hey, I'm still trying to work through it, okay? I am interested to see how conservative people are. Ouch, Frank! It was a while ago, though.

RFF is a great website in which such a thread can actually be posted and get feedback. This thread could be really interesting and constructive if hearts stay in the right place : I fully agree with you on this point. You DAWG, you!! If I send you an empty beer bottle, can you get her to autograph it with maybe something like "Jamie, I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Sorry about losing to Denmark. I doesn't get much worse, does it. In order to open this thread up to female members of the forum, how about posing this question instead of your original question: "Let's see some photos of your ex girl friends or ex boyfriends!

Let's see some photos of your ex girl friends! Yes, she left yesterday on trip. How did you guess? This isn't my best photo of her, but it's my favourite memory of her. I loved her a lot, and shared some of my greatest memories with her; however, people change.

I broke her heart and I still feel guilty for it because she still loved me a lot when I stopped loving her. I feel even more guilty when I see what she went through after the break up and see the person she's become today. This photo was taken after we broke up, when I started having feelings for her again, but she wouldn't take me back, not wanting to get hurt again.

I travelled an hour back to Toronto to visit her ex gf pic forum weekend, and we took a walk around her favourite places. We stopped by a convenience store selling bouquets of cabbage, and I bought her one. She was still the girl I fell in love with at this point in time. The same can't be said now. This thread is becoming a tear jerker after all. Emotions are pouring out. RFF members are real human beings!

Thank you Raid!! You are awesome! It is so special! An Ex who is then "Best Man". This may be unusual, Rogier. Sharpness is unimportant. So she was your Ex girlfriend? Concerning my exes Thus, some of my cameras carry exes names. However, getting separated from a girl several times only ed for one camera. Lately, I am changing the rule: I reward myself with a new camera when I get into a new relation.

Met her after Memorial Day 2 years ago. Fell in love, talked about marriage prior to the 4th of July things were happening very fast. I went to India for 4 weeks in August, when I came back, something was different. Flew home to meet my parents Labor day. The weekend after she said it was time for "The Talk". She was my "Summer Babe". Broke my heart. Still think about her, and what might have been. Very nice iamge.

So, what changed? We got married! If everybody who now is married posts about his "EX" as the last girl friend before marriage, we would have hundreds of images of ex gf pic forum. I meant a true EX I don;t have many ex-gf or even ex-wife photos online, but i did find a rather nice shot of my gf back in when i was I'll have a look Raid, that image it buried somewhere on the hard drive There's mental pictures in reach on ex gf pic forum days but since I was only getting into photography when the affaire ended, most of the exes go without pictures Keep you posted.

Kudos on the thread, fun and interesting subject! I am pleased how interesting this thread ended up being. We are still waiting to see images of Ex boy friends. Ex and our love. She's also a good photographer. Where is the love child? Is it a cat? I hope that it is not in the trunk.

My ex-boyfriend. Is this a revenge thread? Well done everybody! Nat" sadly, she has stopped talking to me. The Asment was 'Shadow' and I got an A for this She is a Lesbian now. Love the grain, the look on her face, the droplets on her shoulder. All an old man can say is "what a lovely child". This is a shot from my first serious GF. The year was I had just bought an amazing new gadget No less than x resolution and enough memory 2MB for 30 shots. I convinced her to pose for me, topless no less.

Because the picture was made in my crappy apartment I decided to try to get the background out with this nifty 'Photoshop' program I had just installed. I also got the idea to turn the picture into a glamorous commercial type of thing, hence the 'Calvin Klein' text. It was very painful and we haven't spoken in 12 odd years I kind of wonder since most of the photos posted tend to be more affectionate in nature so far.

Or maybe I'm just projecting here? A very interesting thread, this. Thanks Raid for starting it. Here's another one because faces are more interesting. Broke up a few years ago. Still ex gf pic forum Jen, in 89, with an Olympus OM-3 and a 50mm 1. This is probably after a pretty wild night

Ex gf pic forum

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