Do women use glory holes

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Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. Obviously their mode of operation will be slightly different but glory holes would still serve a definite purpose in a woman-only toilet and so I was wondering if glory holes appear in women's toilets at all? Anyone ever come across a glory hole in a women's toilet? Radiomaniac Posts: 43, Forum Member. The hole would have to be massive, wouldn't it?

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Can't say I've ever seen one. What on earth is a glory hole? Centaurion Posts: 2, Forum Member. You assume we all know what a hole of glory is? Bless, someone just learned the phrase "glory hole". Lesbians sometimes use them when cottaging. DaisyBill Posts: 4, Forum Member. Never seen one myself.

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And if I did I would just assume it was a hole in the wall that needed mending, rather than a glory hole. Goldengayer Posts: Forum Member. I'm pretty sure I've never seen one in a gentlemen's loo. I assumed they were either apocryphal or limited to pubs in Old Compton Street and the likes. In fact, I've been in some of the gay bars in Manchester's Village, and I don't recall seeing them there either. Soundbox Posts: 5, Forum Member. Has anyone ever seen one in the men's toilet?

I have used hundreds of toilets and never seen one.

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Anyway, that 'deed' is very unpopular so I bet it's an urban myth anyway. Yeah but they're deed for the act of fisting instead of fellating, they're called hole punches. Biffo the Bear Posts: 25, Forum Member.

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Don't women squirt all over each through them to defy the new ban on female ejaculation? Alan Posts: 5, Forum Member. I wonder if they get the lewd writing scribbled all over the cubicle walls "meet big bertha here at 8 for a jolly good rogering". They are holes in walls where some men stick their willies through and other men whack them really hard with a hammer. Well it is what I would do if one invaded my space! Hypnodisc Posts: 22, Forum Member.

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Biffo the Bear wrote: ». Hypnodisc wrote: ».

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I'm pretty sure it's not a new ban. JurassicMark Posts: 9, Forum Member. Ramo wrote: ». A big hole on the wall just beside a toilet where a man sticks his penis through for someone who's on the other side of the wall to suck. CravenHaven Posts: 13, Forum Member. I give 'em a bit of a rub with a slice of frying steak and give them the orgasm of their life and salmonella.

Pee on the seat and tampon wrappers on the floor. That's about it. I'm finding it hard to believe you don't know what one is. In or Register to comment.

Do women use glory holes

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Girls, would you (or have you) ever use(d) a gloryhole?