Dirty panty sniffing stories

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She had to run out to pick up her brother from a basketball game and had left him to wait for her. Dirty panties always made him ache. Lance walked up to the overflowing laundry basket that was sitting under a laundry chute that went to the second floor bathroom. Several pairs of dirty panties were visible without him even having to dig. Right on top he spied a pair of bright yellow Joe Boxer bikinis that he knew belonged to Callie. He had seen her in them only yesterday when they had been doing homework in her bedroom.

The other pair he reached for was a bright blue pair of Hanes nylon hi-cuts that most definitely belonged to her mother. They were a size 8 and Callie wore a size 6. Evelyn had curves in all the right places and had a beautiful apple bottom that he knew filled out the wispy blue panties he now held in his other hand. His young cock immediately began to grow in the confines of his pants thinking dirty panty sniffing stories what she had done to leave such a mark. He brought them to his nose, closed his eyes and took a long hard pull right from the center of the pussy stain.

Rockets went off behind his eyes as the glorious musky aroma filled his aural cavity. His cock became steely hard instantly. He groped himself all the while reeling in the delectable scents that her mother had left in her panties. His cock ached so much that he just had to release it from its denim prison.

He unzipped his fly and with the yellow Joe Boxer bikinis still in his hand he reached into his zipper and pulled his ample manhood, balls and all, out into the open. He had to be careful, he only wanted to tease himself not fill her panties with his load. He was saving that for her cute face later. He just wanted to build up as big a nut as he could. She was furious at first and almost barged into the room to stop him from his deviant ways but the sight of his huge cock sticking out of his fly and his panty covered hand sliding up and down it made her pause and watch silently from the door.

The thought of here 18 year old daughter taking care of that thing caused her to gush into the already wet white Vanity Fair nylon briefs she was currently wearing. She touched herself between her legs and could not believe how wet she was. Her juices were flowing so freely that they had escaped the gusset of her Vanity Fairs and were running down the inside of her thighs. She needed to cum and soon. Lance had yet to open his eyes so she slipped silently up to him and when she was close enough to touch him, she cleared her throat.

He was caught red handed and could do nothing but stand there and look at her. His cock started to lose some dirty panty sniffing stories its girth as Evelyn stared at him with her arms crossed over her ample bosom. It still had a ways to go before he could put it away so he stood there with his cock hanging out of his pants as he stared Evelyn directly in the eyes. How did you get in here? You think dirty panty sniffing stories alright to go into our laundry room and do those nasty things with our dirty panties?

Do you? You just thought you could do whatever you wanted while you were alone in my house? Is that it? His cock had deflated quite a bit and he again tried to put it away. You have obviously started something that needs to be finished. Lance gulped and looked back at Evelyn. She had a smirk on her face which caused his now limp cock to twitch and begin to grow once more. He looked at her in disbelief. It turned him on immensely and the river of precum began to flow once more from his swollen piss slit.

He had wanted to save his pent up load for Callie but since her mother was here and insisting he finish, how could he be rude and tell her no? Evelyn noticed the pair of her blue Hanes that he had been holding under his nose earlier lying at dirty panty sniffing stories feet. She leaned down, plucked them from the floor and held them out to him. I came in them this morning before work. All Lance could do was nod and take another long pull from her nasty gusset.

Evelyn saw a huge crystal drop of precum pop out of his piss slit and perch atop his swollen crown. As he squeezed harder the drop grew and now clung large and fat at the tip of his cock. As she momentarily stopped him from pumping his rigidness, Evelyn made Lance hold the blue Hanes under his nose and then reached for the dollop of precum, scooping it up on her fingertips.

His cock was so big it stretched the little yellow gusset to the max. With the large blob of precum still on her fingertips, she squatted down in front of Lance so that she was eye level with his monstrous meat. When she pinched it, the jolt of sexual electricity caused her to lose her balance and she had to use her free hand to steady herself on his thigh. As she slipped forward, his huge panty covered cock bumped her cheek and she almost came.

His cock was on fire. The heat coming off his bloated manhood turned her pussy to mush. She turned her head slightly and now the panty covered head was under her nose. She could smell her daughter and Lance and it made her even wetter. She was so wet that Lance could hear here sloppiness as she vigorously rubbed herself toward a huge orgasm.

Evelyn looked up at him and let the head of his cock rest against her lips. Without thinking, she began to kiss and nibble at the leaking head and now could taste him and her daughter. It was too much for the overly excited mother and she rubbed her hard clit a few more times and saw stars as she came harder than she could ever remember right into the white Vanity Fairs she was wearing.

She convulsed and shook while still squatting in front him. She came so hard that she actually squirted her juice into the abused gusset of the white panties. She reached up with her free hand and began to tease and tickle his bloated nuts. She felt them tighten and knew that he was ready to blow. She sucked hard on the end of his cock and mercilessly teased his balls never breaking eye contact with him.

She watched his lips pull back in a grimace as he headed toward his own orgasm. He took one final sniff of her cummy panties as his cockhead expanded even more and then suddenly her mouth was full of his hot seed. She nursed on the big head pulling every bit of his chode from his deflating nut sack.

As she pulled off his cock and backed away from him more of his spent seed flowed from her mouth ing the puddle that had formed in her cleavage. She stood on shaky legs and scooped the puddle up with her fingers feeding herself whatever she could get in her mouth. She wanted it all and licked her fingers savoring the musky flavor. When she stepped away from him she looked down and saw a large puddle of her juices on the laundry room floor. She had never cum so hard. The crotch of her white Vanity Fair panties were totally soaked and dripping.

She peeled them down her legs and handed them to Lance as he slowly composed himself, tucking his now spent member back into his pants. I would go to the bath room after we all went to bed get a pair of her used panties out and jerk -off in them fold them up and put them back she never said a word but I was hoping she would figure it out that it was me and I would get to fuck her one day….

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Dirty panty sniffing stories

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