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Disclaimer: The information in the following article is taken from credible sources. If there is any misrepresentation or distortion of facts kindly inform us. We do not wish to hurt any religious sentiments. Commonly called Shivalingamit is believed dick worshipping be the source of Shiva-Shakti.

It is a combination of both male and female reproductive organs and ifies the indestructibility of unity or that ultimate source of power is the combining of male and female reproductive organs. There are various reasons given as to why the whole of India worships a linga but surprisingly, what many of us do not know is that this belief exists in other oriental cultures too.

The worshiping of a male penis was adopted by Buddhism and culture of penis worship spread wherever Buddhism did. Each country has a different notion attached to the tradition of penis worship and this video explains it with clarity.

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In Thailand young men wear penis made of wood around their neck because they believe that it will protect them against evil spirits. The Thais believe that evil spirits would kill young boys and so their mothers started making wooden penises that they believed could ward off the evil spirits. What a logic!

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In another part of the country, a shrine named Chao Mae Tuptim is made of dildos and other sex toys dick worshipping please the female god of fertility. People storm the streets in large s and can be found buying penis memorabilia. The festival encourages fertility and marital bliss. It is ironical that even when people openly worship penises they shy away even from the mention of the word sex. A recent video from India showing a priest worshiping penises is weirder than anything we have ever seen and yet nobody seems to care about it.

Dear author…. I do not mean to be rude but you are not just a writer but you need to be a responsible one…i do not know about other cultures…but shiv ling is definitely not what u just said…u must go and read first the history meaning and architecture of shivlinga…. I agree with Sakshi that unless one has knowledge backed by verifiable facts one should abstain from writing or talking about topics that the sentiments of many are related to.

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Dick worshipping

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What is phallic worship? 6 mysteries revolving the 'mighty' penis