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in. Is that the saying? Whatever, you know what I mean. So dick pics nudes pics. Inclusive shit and everything right? Let me tell you, my girlfriends have shared some horror stories with me about them and recently I received my first collection of dick pics since my breakup and I became inspired. They were high caliber shots, I got second opinions and everything. Am I going to be receiving these on the regular now? Do I save them and create some sort of fucked up wrapping paper like the Kim Kardashian crying one?

So my first question to start things off is do we actually enjoy receiving them? Or do we just count down the minutes until we can laugh at them with our girlfriends? By now you guys know I am a very blunt and honest person so you should be expecting nothing less. They are not appealing looking at all. Why is it called that you say? Because you are welcoming the dick pic into your home with open arms and sweaty fingers. Zero to a hundred real fast.

But then there is the dark side. And a little too much in my opinion. Maybe try sending us a picture of your bank instead. There will definitely be a winking dick pics nudes heading your way. This is what I did last night. Nothing is more taboo than showing your girlfriends dick pics in a restaurant where older couples are on dates a table or two away. Real life French, from Toulouse and currently resides in Montreal. Ugh, my ovaries! Anyways, I met him at a show this weekend and he was fine as all hell.

So we messaged on Instagram for most of the night and day the next day and obviously things got a little steamy. They were artistic, none of this upfront and personal bullshit. It was very apparent that they were coming from an older Frenchman. And let me tell you, I was into it. But I really appreciated the work he put in to those pictures.

He could have just sent the typical full frontal bull, but there was shadowing and good angles and I was impressed. So with this in mind, my next question is what makes a good dick pic? My girlfriend Badass Beauty told me a fantastic story about a picture she received.

But she explained to me that the guy cut the top of a toilet paper roll into the shape of a pope hat and drew a face on his dick. Like the vision this guy must have! He gets fucking crafty! In all sense of the word!

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That guy definitely deserves something in return. Maybe a sketch of the Dalai Lama in between my boobs? Maybe a Buddah on my butt? So to me, that is the ultimate dick pic. I feel like if this is becoming a thing now they should teach guys in sex ed how to take a good dick pic because some guys definitely need lessons.

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Upper body? Is that demeaning? There would be no nudes without dick pics and vice versa! Ultimately girls have a few more choices in pictures. Or there is the full hello of the downstairs. So much artistic freedom. Is there a go to?

Now my question is do you include your face? Now I know from my personal experience that pictures have the option to be saved. If he wants to rip apart my body and make fun of my stretch marks and random freckles he can. I hope they just keep them for their spank bank and call it a day. I also wonder whether you should just say fuck it and straight up show the vajay. Vajay with a pearl earring. You get the picture. I ended up doing one and it went over very well.

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Now my main focus of this post was to compare sending nudes and sending dick pics, but I want to cover something else as well. Something that not a lot of people are comfortable doing, but I am a tough bitch and I did it and it was great. Scandalous skyping. I specifically recommend doing it with someone who barely speaks english and has an accent. So maybe this is my personal recommendation then… move into the future, embrace technology. Hide the evidence like any practiced criminal would.

Embrace your sexuality and embrace your body and fucking show it off. But do it for yourself. Do it because you have an open evening and you recently watched Fifty Shades of Grey. I believe in you!

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You feel great, you end the call and then you do whatever the hell you want to do. That is my advice to all of you, because apparently now I am a professional. According to my girlfriends. And the Frenchman insert winking emoji. Get started. Open in app. Dating in YYZ. in Get started. Get started Open in app. Sending dick pics vs. Sex Dating Relationships Advice Tinder. More From Medium. Marc Gafni,Dr. Ruby Aro. Emma London in Emma London writes. This is My Rape Fantasy. Anne Shark in Sexography. Noah Levy in The Bad Influence. Rachel in Sexography.

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Dick pics nudes

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