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Member :. Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to Display Modes. Thread Tools. Tpical day of living with your bull. First, a little background on me and my wife. I'm a cuckold guy that loves to watch my wife having sex with other men, in particular black men. It's just the way it is. My wife, Mandy agreed to give it a try, about 3 years ago.

After a hooking up with a cuckold bull forum men and not really liking taking chances with strangers, she settled into a relationship of sorts, with one black man. Mandy has been seeing him, now and then, for almost 2 years. He lives only 35 miles awayso it's not a long drive for my wife to go to his apartment or for him to come to our house. We live by ourselves in a rural area with a good distance between our neighbors. So, there's no newsy neighbors getting up in our business. Fast forward to this January and our friend made my wife a proposition.

He told her that his rent went way up and was not ing another lease. He needs to find another apartment and In the meanwhile, he wanted to stay with us, well with her, until he finds a place. When she told me, I thought this could be so good or it could be bad. She thought it was good because he's slept over before. OK, so he moves in.

You know, I had some doubts, but, so far it's working out. Honestly, he's a good guy, he kicks in for stuff here and we all get along. Typical work day. We all go off to work. I usually get home first. Since, I like to cook, I get dinner started. By the time Mandy gets home, I've already run the vacuum and done some laundry. She gets home, checks her face book and stuff, till dinner is ready. When our friend Barry gets home, we cuckold bull forum sit down for dinner.

After dinner, I do my usual chores of cleaning up the dishes and stuff. Mandy and Barry go in and sit next to each other on the couch. Some nights I've come into the living room and found them making out. I love to sit on the other side of the room and just watch. It really gets exciting when their clothes start coming off. My wife has very white skin with big pinkish nipples and Barry is on the darker side of black.

The contrast between the two of them looks so perfect, so damn sexy!

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In the time that Barry has been living with us, he's had sex with Mandy almost every night. I think the only nights they didn't have sex is when she had the flu. Nightly sex has been a regular routine that I could never keep up with. No way! They sleep in our master bedroom and I sleep in the spare room, next door. Our walls are thin, so, I can hear them fucking away, hour after hour, like energizer bunnies. My wife is a screamer, so there's no doubt about when she's having an orgasm. OK, it's been 4 months and other than the fact that my wife never gets a decent night's sleep and I've been doing way more laundry to keep fresh sheets on their bed, so far so good.

I have a question. Would you welcome your bull to live with you? I have, and we love being together even when he brought his friends over and they all fuck me and my hubby may sure that all of the black bulls stay hard by sucking them and keeping there dick wet. One day we were told that they are going to stay with us and my hubby had to dress sexy all the time and they were going to use his ass as well. We had five big black bulls living with us and we both were getting fuck ever day.

That was 15 years ago the guys are gone now but we love the time we had with them. I have a friend in saskatoon who is in her 50's and she has 3 black men living in her home. They started with one after all cuckold bull forum kids moved out, college student and they made the arrangement that he only has to pay rent with african sperm. He is required to cum inside her at least 5 times per week, without fail, no matter where he puts it. She's up to 3 african men living with her, and has been for about 4 years now I think. That's 15 lo of african jizz being pumped inside of her every single week.

But she's a mother of 3 and Cuckold bull forum assure you, cuckold bull forum can hold all of it inside her and enjoys collecting it. Your wife is doing what she is supposed to be doing, and has nothing to be embarassed or ashamed of. If he puts at least 4 lo into her pussy per day, she'll be a little sore but quite fine. The important thing is if she can keep up with him, well hell, she's just doing what she's built for. Women that haven't had kids usually cannot do this sort of thing, well every day.

So by all means, enjoy this natural advantage. If she's built for it and enjoys it But I do symathize with all the extra cleaning you have to do You might have to buy sheets that don't stain very easily, or pretreat them with something that makes them more resistant. I've used poly sheets on the floor, or bed from time to time if there is a gangbang going on.

If a wife for example has to fuck at least 6 black men in a row. That tends to save the rug and sheets from sperm damage, over time. Her panties will probably take sperm damage from time to time as well if he's putting a lot of the stuff inside her as we both know he's supposed to. So happy for your wife, I'm sure she deserves to be used in this manner! Good for her My friend had to get all the windows in her home soundproofed. Probably has something to do with her screaming orgasms I imagine. So your rural location is perfect.

He can fuck the holy hell out of her as loudly as he likes, and no noise complaints!

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Last edited by mandingoman; at AM. Her live in bull. I have posted about my wife having cuckold bull forum 2nd full time husband. Our typical day was a little different than cuck watcher's. Most of the time we all slept in cuckold bull forum same bed, wife between us. If he took her out for an evening for dinner and clubbing without me they would often go into the downstairs bedroom so as not to wake me if they got home late and I was already in bed. They would usually wake me up anyway because she couldn't keep from being very vocal when Haywood would start pounding her with his huge cock.

He always got home about a half hour before I did and when I came in Haywood would already be fucking her in the master bedroom. Those 2 would fuck like newlyweds for the entire 3 years that Haywood lived with us. He had his big, black cock in her every time he could and she made herself available all the time. She loved to make dinner for the three of us and after cleaning up after the meal we did a variety of things, sometimes all 3 of us, other times she would do something with just one of us.

The 3 of us would travel together at times and a few times just the 2 of them went away for a weeks vacation or a 3 day weekend getaway. It was very difficult for all 3 of us when he accepted a position as warden he was assistant warden here of a federal prison on the west coast-3 thousand miles away and my wife told him as much as she would have liked to him they both knew that she was my wife and while she would fly out to visit him she would not be moving with him.

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