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In December of75 new games appeared in the sexual content categorynot counting DLC or games that had clearly been tagged as a joke, like Halo Infinite. Some are part of an endless supply of hentai puzzle games.

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Others get filed under "visual novel," where anime-looking games end up by default. Have a look at Steam's for visual novels, sorted by concurrent users. The first result, higher than well-known examples of the genre like Danganronpa and Doki Doki Literature Club, is an idle game—a clicker—called Crush Crush. In Crush Crush players level up their relationships with various ladies by buying gifts or going on dates, with new characters and certain upgrades gated behind stat improvements. Those stats go up by allotting 'time blocks' to character-building hobbies that level up automatically over time, or by taking on jobs that award money or appeal to specific characters.

It was during her time at AdVenture Capitalist studio Hyper Hippo that Long began dreaming up the personal project that became Crush Crush, and which necessitated the founding of a new studio. She describes Crush Crush, and its spin-off featuring anime boys Blush Blushas being different to other NSFW games in part due to the studio's approach to writing, which she speaks about passionately.

Even when the context of a character is fantastical, like a robot girl from space, or a demon boy, or something we want the dialogue to flow naturally. To use humor as a basis to establish familiarity, and to edify the player, before transitioning into a character tone that feels sincere and engaging.

That's why Crush Crush's characters include a narcoleptic obsessed with philosophy, a stalker who is introduced murdering your high school sweetheart 'Generica', and Bearverly, who is a bear in a dress. Meanwhile, the cast of Blush Blush have all been placed under a curse that can, of course, only be broken by love.

They include a wolfman crush crush adult game personal space issues, and a Pegasus who seems pretty happy staying cursed. We take a very different approach. Our players love that our characters have quirks and personalities. That they have hang-ups, or moments of soulfulness, or are silly or shy. We try to create a rounded character dynamic in the 'story' of our worlds, and then invite players along for conversations that vary and speak to feelings of attraction of all different personality types.

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Dating sims face unique challenges, particularly ones that incorporate sexual content. There's a double standard at play in the way they're treated by the storefronts that profit from them, as Long describes. There are games that have nothing to do with relationships that have barely clothed female characters telling you to 'Come play, M'lord' and all that. In terms of appearing on app stores or game platforms, these games are given a solid pass. But if a game contains content where people have consensual, enthusiastic, loving relationships involving any hints of sexuality… Well, those games get shunned.

Crush Crush is a free-to-play game with optional microtransactions. There's a premium currency in the form of gems, which can be used to speed up timers, purchase time blocks, or increase job income. A unique feature of Sad Panda's games offer is their 'reset button.

It isn't a perfect system, with progression walls requiring a ificant wait for the exponentially higher skill levels or cash amounts needed later, but at its core the reset button is a smart answer to the problem of compulsion: crush crush adult game allows players to repeat the dopamine high of hitting early milestones while also making faster progress.

Crush Crush has been profitable enough to provide a foundation for the studio's future projects, as well as sustaining the developers. That includes future additions to Crush Crush and its boy-focused spin-off Blush Blush, which is predictably less profitable. Blush Blush is like the little brother to Crush Crush and doesn't have as large of an audience, but it's still doing really well and will continue to get updates from our studio.

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Sad Panda is also planning a follow-up, which will have more visual novel elements in addition to time management, called Hush Hush. It will also be a tonal departure from the team's work, dealing with one taboo that videogame marketplaces typically have no issues with: killing people.

Hush Hush will feature some crazy stuff. It remains to be seen if our fans will enjoy the departure, or guide us back [toward] more light-hearted, flirty content. Either way, it'll be fun and rewarding to see their reactions. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

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Crush crush adult game

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