Crossdressing confessions

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Last night I went for a walk in a remote park in the South of Dallas. It was after 10pm. The night was lovely and warm. I was wearing a red short skater dress, 2" open toe wedge heels, my legs are shaved smooth, black lace panties, black bra 42DD with my breast inserts and my shoulder length Burnette wig. I walked around for about 30 minutes when I decided to head back to my car.

As I was getting close to the parking lot this man walked up to me from the grass area to my left. He said don't you look lovely. What are doing here? I said enjoying the night air. He circled me as he he did his hand caressed my ass. When he was in front of me again he said I bet you are Hot.

Before I could reply he undid his shorts and dropped them to his ankles. No underwear and his dick crossdressing confessions erect. He then said why don't show me what's under there? I told him I think you will be disappointed. He told me to get on my knees, as I did he stepped up and pushed his dick into my face. I didn't want to get hurt so I knew to start sucking.

He wouldn't cum, he pushed back off him and I landed on my back, he got on top of me yanking at my panties, once he got them off me he saw i had extra equipment, he smiles and rolled me over. I let him shoved it in me. It only took a couple of minutes for him to cum, Once done he got up fixed himself walked away.

I put on my panties and back to my car. I admit I enjoyed it. Yesterday, I was shopping at JC Penny's and went into a fitting room to try on some jeans. Someone before me had left a bra hanging there. I couldn't help myself and I put it on and wore it home. I'm a guy. As a long time and very passable crossdresser, I have had many fun times. One crossdressing confessions my girlfriend was working overtime and I went to her office dressed and we had sex in the conference room!

Oeh, caught Jerking, imbarrassing but managable. That's awesome! I wore my sisters underwear all the time. Once she found a stash of it under my mattress. She asked me about it. I couldn't crossdressing confessions her I wore them so I just told her I jack off into them. She was 4 years older then me.

She said oh that's normal! Just don't stash the underwear. She came back into my room a while later. She said she got hot thinking about me jacking off like that. And she asked me if I would show her. So I did. But when I took my pants off my secret was out because I had some of her underwear on.

But I still jacked off for her. She loved and we did that a few more times. But it ended when she started dating I am an older male who is a crossdresser. I love to dress all the time. When I go out I generally underdressed wearing panties, pantyhose or colored tight, a long leg pantygirdle, and an all in one body shaper. The girdles I prefer are made by Rago, and they are made of stretch lace. When I am home, in addition to the above lingerie, I wear a shiny chemise, or a slip with lace at the bottom, a see through white blouse or t-shirt and a short schoolgirls plaid flouncy skirt as I do my daily house hold chores.

There isn't much chance anyone will see me, so I do this daily, whether I am doing laundry, fishes, washing floors, or vacuuming. I occasionally walk out onto my second floor deck and down the stairs to take out the garbage in the back alley. There are neighbors on both sides that can see in my yard, and our ally is fairly busy as there is a church at one end and s recycle drop at the other end. I love going out and opening my gate just as a car goes by, and then walk out to the garbagr dumpster about 75 feet away, behind my neighbors house.

I can bee seen for two blocks if anybody is in the alley, and through the fences of my neighbors. I lived taking out the trash, setting it down and then stretching up as I open the large lid on the container. At that point, I have to bend over and pick up the garbage bags, giving anyone who is within eyesight a nice up skirt show. Yesterday, I went out wearing all my lingerie, this time with nude pantyhose and a pair of short satin shorts over top on the bottom, and a worn out, exremely see through white t-shirt so you could see my girdle and the red push-up I had on over it, that by the way, my man boobs fill out the 44b cups very well.

But this time I not only took out the garbage, I sprayed the weeds with a handheld sprayer in the back alley, in my back yard, and then on to the front yard where I sprayed around the front steps then the driveway, along the sidewalk in front and into both neighbors front yards do I could access the sides of my house and garage. Crossdressing confessions where people were walking and driving by while I was out there in plain sight.

No one said anything, but a couple of women walking by said hello. What a thrill, knew wing the could see everything I was wearing. Can't wIt to do it again. You need a Premium to access that feature! We crossdressing confessions many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium. Crossdressing Confessions Crossdressing confession stories and sins. Confession Stories Confessions Current: crossdressing. Views Recent Upvoted Comments. Fetish sex crossdressing gay adultery. Report Please to report.

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Crossdressing confessions

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