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Source: Men's Health. I know it's a weird thing to admit, but I've always wanted to be pregnant.

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I wasn't sure about the whole mom thing, but pregnancy always looked so beautiful to me. Some of the dream probably came from the fear of possibly not being able to have a healthy pregnancy, or from never having "my body" back. I think these fears inside of me ignited my passion of pregnancy even more. The last nine months have exceeded all hopes and expectations I had and then some. For all the pregnant and post-partum mommas, you are alex morgans snapchat beautiful.

Each body, story, and journey is different and just as beautiful. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Meredith Cash. She's also one of the most ruthless. The prolific striker has a "scary" competitive streak, according to her father. Asshe would play Monopoly against herself so she could beat her older sisters, write down her workouts while watching TV, and almost break her dad's hand while shooting on goal in their yard.

Her husband refuses to play board games with her and says she had already worked out by 7 a. Check out 20 examples of the extreme competitiveness that has made Morgan one of the most accomplished stars in USWNT history: Visit Insider's home for more stories.

Alex Morgan has been ridiculously competitive since she was a kid — to the point that her father, Mike, has gone on the record describing her ruthless mentality as "scary. The youngest of three girls, Morgan grew tired of losing board games to her older sisters as. Morgan once described herself as "the most competitive kid ever" and said she played up on her year-old sister's softball team when she was just seven years old. But in organized sports or otherwise, Morgan always had to win. It didn't matter who I was playing against. She always took training seriously, too.

Her dad used to play goalie for her out in their yard, but once she turned 14 or 15, he couldn't be in goal anymore because Morgan's shots got too hard. The Morgan family had a system in place that rewarded the three girls for their accomplishments in school, on the field, and more with points that they could cash in for their first car.

The eldest alex morgans snapchat girls wound up with a Mercury sedan and Chevy truck. Alex got a new, silver Lexus IS Morgan can't even picture herself doing anything with her life that doesn't involve competition: "If I wasn't a soccer player, I would be If not that, a softball player. I'm too competitive not to play a sport! She goes crazy if her team's not winning.

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On one hand, it's funny, but on the other hand, you say, 'Wow, you're taking this a lot more seriously than the rest of us. Her husband, fellow professional soccer player Servando Carrasco, noticed the same thing. Card games like gin rummy can turn into a fight I mean, it's always fun, but afterward, there can be that awkward silence for two or three hours.

Carrasco said, "she's all or nothing in every aspect of her life.

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During the couple's two-day honeymoon, Morgan refused to take any breaks. She has such a desire to be the best. It's that desire that sets her apart. Former USWNT head coach Jill Ellis — who has managed her fair share of competitive personalities in her career — said Morgan is "one of the most competitive people I've met.

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It's part of her psychological makeup She's always pushing herself, and she doesn't let anything sidetrack her. No move further encapsulates the striker's competitive spirit than her tea-sipping celebration after she scored against England during the World Cup. Before the Tokyo Olympics were postponed, Morgan was adamant that she would be ready to hit the field and compete for the USWNT just three months after giving birth.

In order to get there, alex morgans snapchat worked out as usual throughout her pregnancy. And, at seven months pregnant, she was still ripping shots on goal. Even when she's training alone, Morgan says she uses her teammates for motivation: "When I think of my teammates training hard on their own—whether it's going out and shooting or finding people to play with—it's my job to do more than them. I'm always hoping that I'm doing more. It's motivation.

She's not even giving herself a break when it comes to labor, as she plans to have a natural birth: "I should be able to give birth without numbing my body I feel like if I don't experience that, then I'll never really know what I can do, what I'm capable of.

Now check out the details of Morgan's deal maternity protections on her latest Nike deal:. Alex Morgan competitive Olympics World Cup.

Alex morgans snapchat

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20 examples of Alex Morgan's competitive drive that has made her a soccer icon